Financial Literacy: What You Need to Know About Money Before 20

Learn sound economics and get practical financial advice from our most-requested webinar or in-person workshop.

Webinar (or in-person program)

Don’t let your students graduate without this essential program!

Finally, a financial literacy workshop that your students will love! This fully customizable workshop provides sound financial advice from a top-rated instructor that will help your students understand the monetary system, balance a budget, and learn to think clearly about their financial choices.

Practical Financial Advice

Entertaining & Fun Presentation

Convenient & Flexible Scheduling

“Our students absolutely LOVE Art Carden.”

“Art Carden’s love of economics is infectious!”

“I put all ‘excellents’ for Art Carden.”

“Art Carden is amazing with kids.”

“A fantastic day for our students.”

Earning Income

Buying Goods & Services

Using Credit

Protecting & Insuring

Financial Investing

Take the Stress Out of Teaching Personal Finance

We’ve carefully planned our content around national economics teaching standards, so everything we teach reinforces what you teach.

Our learning process is guided by the Voluntary National Content Standards that prepare students with in-depth economic thinking and problem solving.

100% Free!

The Foundation for Economic Education is a 501c3 nonprofit, and we strive to make quality education available to as many people as possible. That’s why “What You Need to Know About Money Before 20” is available at no cost to you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many students can participate in the workshop?

We’ll host the in-person workshop for a minimum of 50 students, and the webinar version for a minimum of 15.

Who do you recommend for this program?

Juniors and seniors in high school who want to become masters of money management.

How should they prepare for the program?

Students should bring a pen and paper to take notes for an in-person program, an internet-connected device with a camera and microphone for a webinar, and a great attitude!

Which financial lessons are going to be covered?
  • Personal and fiscal responsibility
  • How to make good investments
  • Marginal cost vs. marginal benefit 
  • Opportunity cost
Can you help me convince my administrator to approve the program?

Of course! Our programs are high quality and comply with state and national standards in economics, plus they’re tailored to your specific needs and conveniently fit into one or two class periods.

They are also absolutely free for schools to host!

We want to make this decision as easy as possible for your administration, but if you still have any other questions, please contact us any time at [email protected].